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Thornbury Town Council Introduces New Recycling Facilities in to the Mundy Playing Fields

Thornbury Town Council is very happy to announce the installation of a new recycling bin in the Mundy Playing Fields.  The Town Council has been keen to encourage recycling in the town and felt it was important to provide these facilities in the very busy playing fields. 

The Chair of the Environment Committee, Councillor Matt Stringer, said “The new recycling bin will hopefully be very much welcomed by the many users of the Mundy Playing Fields.  We hope that we can all work together to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill”. 

The Committee is also planning the further development of its environmental area in the Poulterbrook section of the Mundy Playing Fields.  This will include the planting of additional trees and wildflower areas, as well as a picnic bench made from recycled materials and a further recycling bin. 

Thornbury Town Council is keen to point out that it hopes that those who use the Mundy Playing Fields will use the new facilities responsibly.  It is important that items placed in “recycling” section of the bin do not get contaminated with “non-recyclable” items.

(Photograph below of the new recycling bin in the Mundy Playing Fields – pictured are (left to right) Councillor Clare Fardell, Councillor Matt Stringer, Councillor Bob Griffin and Councillor Guy Rawlinson.) 


The Mayor of Thornbury’s Youth Awards are prestigious awards made by Thornbury Town Council. Annually, they give due recognition to the many young people of the Town who give their own time and voluntary effort in supporting and assisting individuals, charities or projects with no payment or reward for themselves other than the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing fully to the community in which they live.

There are four categories – KS1&2, KS3&4, post 16 and team with a winner for each category. Each of the four winners will attract a grant of £50 to be put towards the charity or project they select.  If the judges deem that no application of suitable quality has been made in a particular category then they reserve the right not to make a grant in that year.

All those entered by their school or youth organisation will be invited, with their parents and representatives of their club or organisation, to the presentation evening at Thornbury Town Hall to collect a certificate signed by the Mayor and hear the judges announce the overall winner of each category.

Please see the rules & conditions on the nomination form below:

Nomination Form

Thornbury Town Council operate a Community Toilet Scheme which allows visitors to the town to use the toilet facilities, during opening hours, int he following properties, without making a purchase:
The Swan, 17 High Street
Papilio at Heritage, 24 High Street
The Malthouse, 59 High Street
The Armstrong Hall, 4 Chapel Street
The Wheatsheaf, 7 Chapel Street

Community Toilet Scheme

Thornbury Town Council’s Notice of Conclusion of Audit is below. This is our Annual Governance & Accountability Return for the Year Ended 31 March 2019
Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Comments and Questions Welcomed!
Thornbury Town Council would be very happy
to receive any comments, questions or queries
regarding its application for a Public Works 
Loan Board loan for £70,000 for the purchase
of essential outdoor equipment.  Below is the 
Council resolution to take out the loan, and 
further details can be found in the published 
Council minutes on this website.  
Any questions or comments should be 
directed to the Town Clerk – contact details
Council Resolution dated 11.04.19

Community Infrastructure Levy
Thornbury Town Council has published its
Community Infrastructure Levy Statement
For 2016/17
See here

2017/2018 Notice of Conclusion of
External Audit
See Here

Town Council Sets its Budgets
For 2018/19

For more information See Here

Annual Governance Statement 2016/2017
See here


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