North East Ward

Council is made up of sixteen councillors four of whom represent residents of the North East Ward.  These councillors are all Liberal Democrats and can be contacted as below. If you are unsure in which ward you live please contact 01454 412103.

Cllr Lesley Tuck nee Jones

Playing Fields and Cemetery Committee

Address: 41 Primrose Drive, Thornbury BS35 1UP

Tel: 01454 418903

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Jayne Stansfield

Playing Fields & Cemetery

 Armstrong Hall Management

90 Knapp Road, Thornbury BS35 2HJ

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Cllr Matthew Stringer

Chair of Environment Committee

Finance & Policy Committee

Staffing Committee

Address: 41 Larkspur Close, Thornbury BS35 1UQ

Tel: 01454 853546.

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Cllr Pam Shipp

 Finance and Policy

Environment Committee.

Playing Fields and Cemetery

Address: High Point, Milbury Heath, Thornbury BS35 8QL

Tel: 01454 417833

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